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Hello hello and welcome to Emmi's (emmi_lee) iconcommunity. I love making icons of movies, actors, flowers... Well actually I like to make icons of almost everything. I hope you'll enjoy my work. Feel free to join!
I have a few rules though.
1. Please remember to comment if you take any of the graphics!
2. Make sure you remember to credit too! You may credit emmi_lee or coffeecup_icons

3. My icons are not bases!
4. Do not hotlink my icons!

Otherwise -- enjoy! And feedback is always a nice surprise ♥ :).
I also take requests!
Stylesheet by refuted ♥. Jane Austen screencaps ♥. Harry Potter online ♥. ohfreckle ♥. mag0rian ♥. toybirds ♥. wonderland__ ♥.
Want to be one? Just comment on any entry you like and let me know!
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, 100x100, 50s, actors, actresses, aladdin, alice in wonderland, amelié, anne hathaway, atonement, audrey hepburn, audrey tautou, banners, batman begins, beatrix potter, beauty and the beast, becoming jane, beetlejuice, big fish, breakfast at tiffany's, brokeback mountain, butterflies, cafés, captain jack sparrow, celebrities, cherry blossom, chicago, chocolate, christian bale, chronicles of narnia, cinderella, colin firth, commodore norrington, cry baby, david bowie, daydreaming, disney, disney movies, disneyland, dominic monaghan, edward cullen, edward scissorhands, elijah wood, elizabeth swann, emma, ewan mcgregor, fairy tales, finding neverland, flowers, forrest gump, france, friends, friends only banners, garbage, girlish things, glamour, gone with the wind, graphics, gwen stefani, harry potter, headers, heath ledger, hercules, icon making, icons, jacob black, jake gyllenhaal, jane austen, john travolta, johnny depp, jonathan rhys meyers, jude law, julie andrews, keira knightley, kill bill, legolas, little women, london, long hair, lord of the rings, mamma mia, manhattan, marie antoinette, marilyn monroe, moulin rouge, movies, music, musicals, new york city, nicole kidman, nine inch nails, north and south, northanger abbey, old school, orlando bloom, paris, pearls, period films, persuasion, pirates of the caribbean, pj harvey, pocahontas, potc, pride and prejudice, princesses, quentin tarantino, renee zellwegger, robert pattinson, rocky horror picture show, romantic, romeo + juliet, rupert grint, sarah jessica parker, scarlett johansson, sense and sensibility, sex and the city, shoes, sleeping beauty, snow white, stock icons, sweeney todd, the breakfast club, the dark knight, the little mermaid, the notebook, tim burton, tori amos, tv, twilight, velvet goldmine, vintage, virgin suicides, walt disney, will turner, wives and daughters