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Hello, here's my second icon collaboration that I made with sweet minutesto12.To see her awesome batch, you'll need to go HERE. 1-34 are photos picked by her and the rest are picked by me. We decided to make a huge multifandom batch including following subjects/icons:

[1-6] Misc: Disney icons
[7-17] Gaspard Ulliel, Ed Westwick & Adam Lambert icons
[18-34] Britney Spears, Emma Watson icons & Kristen Stewart icons
[35-54] Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger, Robert Pattinson & Orlando Bloom icons
[55-65] Keira Knightley & Scarlett Johansson icons
[66-73] Mamma Mia icons
[72-81] Finding Neverland icons
[82-85] Grease icons
[86-92] SATC icons
[93-100] POTC icons


1 2
1 2

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Remember these things:
♥ Comment if taking any.
♥ Credit if using any !!!Collapse )
♥ Do not hotlink or use my icons as bases.
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Hi there, I'm back with another huge Twilight post, so you either love me or hate me, but I also post some Scarlett Johansson icons that I've made for challenges and some Moomin icons as well! I'm really a huge Moomin fan, it figures since I'm from Finland but I hope some of you like them as well :).
This post is also going to be public for couple of days, I know I could keep this totally public but then again, somehow I feel it's more clean this way, I don't know maybe I'm just weird...
PS. I've been working on a huge icon collaboration with minutesto12, I'm going to post it in here soon, tomorrow maybe or day after that :).
PS2: New layout @ coffeecup_icons.

So this entry includes:

[1-20] Twilight icons
[21-46] Twilight cast icons
[47-60] Scarlett Johansson icons
[61-80] Moomin icons


1 2 3

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Remember these things:
♥ Comment if taking any.
♥ Credit if using any !!!Collapse )
♥ Do not hotlink or use my icons as bases.
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14 June 2009 @ 04:14 pm

After the storm, always comes the sun, right? That's really something I want to believe in and now that we have all blown off some steam, we can take another step and leave past where it belongs, in the past. Anyway, the point of this info, is to let people know, that I'll continue on making icons, and I think the best way to start is with those collaborations if people are still interested in making them.
Besides those collaborations, I'll post icons here every once and a while, but I won't take as much pressure about it as I once did, because this should be a fun, light hobby, not an everyday job.

I also think I'm going back to my old system of keeping my newest entries public for a couple of days and if that goes well, who knows, maybe I could keep this completely public, I don't know yet, all the opportunities are open.

I guess that was all I had to say for now.
12 June 2009 @ 07:48 pm
It’s been a couple of days since you saw me around here. During these days I’ve done a lot of thinking and I feel it’s only fair to share those thoughts with you because I left everyone here pretty clueless, but I really needed some time to think and I learned so much about myself and I always like to think that everything happens for a reason, especially those things that have a huge affect on us, because eventually it’s those things that make you stronger.
I understood several things; that no matter how hard I would try, I can’t always please everyone, I can’t always be on good terms with everyone and I can’t always prevent stuff happening. All my life I’ve wanted to be in control of everything, everything I do, everything I think and I really mean like everything. I thought that was a safe way to live, trying to be in control, but in stead of it, I built a prison to myself. I understood that my happiness shouldn’t be depending on other people; what they think of me and how they see me etc. I really don’t blame anyone for this and I certainly don’t try to say that I was the victim here, in stead of that I understood that everything is really up to us. It’s about how we take things that happen in life and I’ve taken everything way too seriously, but that is just the way I’ve always been. I’m a girl who needs other people’s acceptation in order to feel good about myself and every time something opposite happens my whole world starts to shake; "I can’t please that person, what can I do now? I lost my control, help, I wasn’t prepared for this".

To clear something up at this point, I just want to say that this thing I write is just about me and me only and it just happened to be this thing that finally made me realise certain things about myself and about life. Things aren’t always that black and white and even though you’ve had many warning signs before, you don’t always learn from the first time you have let yourself down and I believe that in this case too, the main problem was between my own ears.

I also realised that I shouldn’t identify myself based on what I do, that’s just a way to fool myself. I thought that icons were part of me, part of who I am but it’s not like that. It’s just something I enjoy doing. The reason why I got so upset in the first place was that I thought I lost a little piece of myself in the process. I thought that when I no longer felt like making icons, that little piece inside of me died, which basically made me think I couldn’t live without it. But it’s always like that in life. When we’re keen on something or someone, no matter if it’s a person, an object or something we do. We think we can’t live without that thing when we feel like we’ve lost it, but the truth is that we can. I told myself that this can’t control my life and there should be other things that make me happy than this and when I understood that this was something I wouldn’t need to do necessarily, the prison door opened and I flew. Finally I felt I was free. I understood that I haven’t been in control, this whole thing controlled me.

You may wonder why I returned if I figured out I don’t need this, well I hope it makes things a bit easier now that I know I’ve got other options and I also like to try a lighter approach to this whole iconing thing; I could start keep my entries open for everyone again, I could try not to take this too seriously, because when the rules are too strict, that really kills anyone’s inspiration towards anything and that is one thing I fooled myself with. I went along with it to only realise it made me unhappy. There are certain things I can’t avoid/control so why would I try so hard. It hurts so much more when you’ve had an effort of preventing something you don’t want than when you haven’t done so much. I still wish people would credit when using my icons, but if I find icons of mine without credit I shouldn’t go nuts and feel depressed because people have different values and I can’t control everyone the way they think or the way I feel they should think. I’m not saying like go ahead and steal my icons, see if I care, but I just want that something we do for fun isn’t that deadly serious.

During these days I also started to photograph again and I truly was a very nice surprise to notice that there are so much I can do in 24 hours than sit on a computer day after day making icons. And who knows, maybe I could use my photographs as textures or something in the future. I could also really start to think new subjects as well, because there’s so much more in me than the girl who likes period dramas.

And as for the style matter, I thought of that as well and found out something. I really think that had a lot to do with pleasing as well. I couldn’t see that part of it before but now I’m pretty sure it had a huge impact with this. When I returned after my previous break, and when I started to take part in different challenges regularly, I fell in love with a certain style in general, because it was all around. Maybe I started to question my own work, I don’t know but I somehow jumped in to that pattern because it was something most people liked and I made myself to think that I had found something that was representing me as well, because I’ve always been very romantic person and I let it to become part of me. It’s pretty hard to admit how lost I really was. I just wanted to please my members giving them what I thought they wanted, what I thought was in fashion when really it should be up to me. I should have done the same thing I did before and if people would have liked my style, good, if not they can always go somewhere else. I think it was very hard for me to spot this since I really like the same subjects and maybe I somehow thought that it was the only way to make them. I don’t know but I do know now. Sometimes you have to go far to see close.

And after this I hope you understand me a little bit better, if not you don’t have to, if you can’t forgive me or let go what happened in the past, none of you have to, I’m not asking for that but me personally, I just want to move on, no matter what other people would think, but I’d really appreciate it if you’d let me do just that.

I really think the world should be our oyster and I think that life is here, right now and I wouldn’t want to waste any time being anything negative. Again, I can only speak for myself and I can only change myself and I’m really happy I finally woke up. I’ve been in a sleep, I’ve been in a twilight zone but now I truly feel I’m awake and now I can only hope other people could find a way to think positive too. I know negative things are always harder to forget and I’m not sure myself when I actually start to make icons again. I let this become so big part of my life so I now feel that I should do something else for a while. I’m pretty sure I’ll come back though.

And here’s a quote from a song that I think fits to this entry’s theme pretty well:

Release your inhibitions

Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten

Okay, I'm not sure if she will get this or not, this is the only way to reply to her comment and if there's any way I could make things a bit clearer I'll do that. So here's a letter, and I really wouldn't want to make this so big of a deal but I felt I really want to say what I've gotta say, after this message I'll leave her alone, and I'd do almost anything to prevent this kind of things happening again because I don't want to make her or anyone feel bad.

No I don't want to act like a victim, I said I don't want people to feel sorry for me over this, I just want people to understand that I haven't tried it on purpose. But when I’m accused of something I've caused intentionally or not, I always feel very bad. And I certainly didn't want to make you look the bad one and I can't see anything that kind of stuff about my comments, I really thought you'd understand that but maybe we're all a bit emotional when it comes to something we feel we should protect. I'd just like to be friends with everyone and I was just telling how I felt, I take things too seriously sometimes and I let other people hurt me too easily by their opinions.

I'd just like to forget all this mess, I'd be more than willing trying to figure out new ways of expressing myself so maybe a little time off from these circles would be a good idea since it's pretty hectic right now. It's not that I’m trying to find an escape of the situation but after this kind of drama it doesn't really feel like focusing on icons. I just want to avoid all the drama and I didn't want to say anything on public but when I got a few comments about my icons I really thought it's time that I share my opinion about this, which is-- I have a huge respect towards you and I really think you are such a sweet person. And I understand now that I did wrong, it was unintentional and we already discussed on this matter once and I thought we had an understanding but if you were troubled, I didn't know that because you didn't let me know.

I am humble, and I wish there could be a way we could solve this thing. But well, I really feel sad that you got hurt by my actions and that was the point I was trying to make, I don't have anything against you and I'm so sorry you felt my comments made you look like the bad guy that wasn't what I meant at all. If you still see me as a cruel and nasty person. Well I don't know what to say to that. I don't want people to start a huge fight; I don't want people to start choosing sides I just hope all icon makers could live in peace understanding each other as I've said before.

I wouldn't go trough this much of an effort over a thing that wouldn't matter to me at all. I really don't want to act like a victim here although it may look like it, I just try to be honest and express my feelings. I feel bad because I've hurt someone who enjoys doing the same thing for entertainment. Now that's all I had to say and I hope you believe I didn't do this for attention, I'd just like her to have this final message of mine. After this I'll respect her wish, whatever it may be. If she doesn't want to hear from me again, alright, let it be like that then and maybe she don't even have a chance to see this or she doesn't want to, well, let it be like that too. If this matter ever gets solved out, I'd like it to be between her and me.
08 June 2009 @ 06:28 pm

After hearing loads of comments that my icons look too much like grain-de-beaute's that even her co-mod sent me a very aggressive message. Eventhough I haven't tried to hurt anyone it seems that I've done so and that makes me always very sad. That's why I hid all my previous entries containing icons people accused me copying/stealing from her. The co-mod actually said that I should delete all my entries but for now I only hid them because I'll check if there's something I could post without being blamed.
I did it, not because that other girl told me to, I did it because what I've got to know grain-de-beaute, she seems like a very sensitive and warm-hearted girl and the thought of I've done something hurtful to someone who's been nothing but nice to me sounds and is just awful.
I'm also so exhausted and sick of this thing so I figured it would be for the best to get a fresh start although I'm worried that with this kind of things people tend to have a very long memory.
It makes me re-think of fun of icon making because there's so much out there that it probably would be only a matter of time when someone else steps in and says I try to copy someone else.

I don't want to complain, I don't want that people feel sorry for me, I don't want that people think I'm a liar, I just basically want to do what I enjoy doing, icons, without blaming part of course.

So I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do next, I've said what I had to say whether people believe me or not. I'm a peace-loving character, I don't want to argue nor start a fight, I'd rather be a wall flower really who just is there, accepted by all or nearly unnoticeable.

For now I've lost my intress in making icons, I'll probably pay more attention to other stuff like reading good books (currently reading Wuthering Heights), taking care of my sister's lovely children and hanging out with my friends. I probably will be back sometime, maybe after summer or something, I don't know yet. And about those collaborations, well, I really don't know about those. Let's see what will happen on that area.
17 May 2009 @ 12:10 pm

I've never done LIMS so I'm super excited about that. The sign ups are open so everyone who feels like it, please don't hesitate to sign up :)
16 September 2008 @ 10:47 pm

Hello everybody. It's been a while since last update but I've been quite busy lately and not been able to make icons that much. I see if I can post something on weekend. Just wanted to let you know that 'cause I'd really like to start updating this more often in the future and of course continue on filling up all of your requests. So please be patient :). I haven't forgot.

And then there's also another thing I'd like to talk about -- I mean crediting.
Most of you know how things should be done, but some simply keep on forgetting or don't even know what crediting really means. I hope this post will help you to understand me, and many other iconmaker, a little bit better.
For me it's a really big thing 'cause making a batch of icons can really take a lot of my freetime. I do this, because I love it and I could really claim this to be one of my dearest hobbies. I also love the feeling I get when people are grateful for my creations. I just want to put a smile on everyone's face. And that's why I'm expecting you to put a smile on my face too. I just want to feel good about myself, that's all.
And the fact that someone uses my icons without crediting them really crushes me.
I don't wanna nag about this, but I do think that crediting is a small favour really. My entries are already mostly friends only but still I can find icons of mine without proper credit. *naughtynaughty*

So here's some tips on how to credit and what crediting really means:

1. So basically crediting means that you remember who made your icon/s.
If you usually save tons of icons per day, I suggest you to write down the maker's name when saving those icons. That really helps and when you're using them later, you won't forget who made them.

2. When you want to use one, credit in your keywords or comments, like this:


Plus note: -- that my username is coffeecup_icons NOT coffecup_icons

So I hope this was helpful :). And I want to thank all of you who has already given me credit. That means a lot to me ♥

xxx, Emmi
27 August 2008 @ 02:21 pm

Hello, I'm sorry to bug you again with my infos but I can't help it. I asked you some new requests and got pretty much of them, thank you :). However I've got a new problem and thought if you would like to give me a hand.
I find it very hard to find good pictures for stock icons and post it -notes. Do you have any idea where I could find them? I've tried to google post-it -notes pages like a zillion times but can't really find one.
And yeah, everybody loves stock icons but for some reason, I can't find great pictures. I know Deviantart.com has a lot of them but I'm not so sure if I can use them 'cause then crediting would be a huge issue. Unless there would be like one artist who'd have a lot of stock pics, whom I could credit. I don't wanna get into trouble :D.
But well, if you got some great pages, pictures or anything I would appreciate that :).
xxx, Emmi
26 August 2008 @ 02:42 pm


Hello you guys. We have reached another hundred members again \O/ Yeyyy! And since this has become more like a habit, I would like to ask the new members and the old ones as well, what kind of icons you would like to see here in the future? I've got still something on my request list and you might wanna check it before you leave a comment. Jane Austen and other period films are very close to my heart so I keep on making them anyways but I'm more than happy to hear your favourites :). I'm also very curious to know which styles and colorings you like the most.

I would also like to hear your favourite Disney movies 'cause after I've finished my Snow White claim, I could start a new one but can't really pick. I was thinking of Alice in Wonderland 'cause I just watched it yesterday but I'm not sure yet :).

And the last question is about the quote icons. So far I've done Jane Austen & Virginia Woolf. I noticed that people really like quote icons and thought; who's quotes you'd like to see in here? It can be a certain actor or your favourite author, it's up to you :). Please share your ideas with me, thank you!
xxx, Emmi

List of filled & unfilled requests!Collapse )

PS. New layout @ coffeecup_icons (: